Different name for item in sitemap depending on group


I have items configured in multiple groups

Group Blinds
Group Office
Rollershutter BlindsOffice "Office Blinds" (Blinds, Office)

In the Basic UI I want to display both groups

Frame Label="test" {
    Group item=Blinds
    Group item=Office

Now within these group views part of the item label is redundant. I am looking for a way to display the item as “Blinds” in the “Office” group and as “Office” in the “Blinds” group.

You cannot tailor the automatic display style of member Items of a Group widget in sitemaps in any way.

If you want to tailor the display of Items in a sitemap, you must put individual Items in your sitemap. You can arrange them in { }. to emulate the Group effect if you want.

Frame Label="test" {
    Text item=Blinds {
          Switch item=BlindsOffice label="Office"
    Text item=Office {
          Switch item=BlindsOffice label="Blinds"