Different presentation/buttons styles of the same item-typ?

i’m using openhab2 with the KNX2 binding. I have created things and items including an item with type rollershutter.
The sitemap is generated automatically.
Using the habmin sitemap interface, the rollershutter is display as an ON/OFF switch, which will not fit the needs for an rollershutter to run up and down or setting the blinds step by step or for cancelling the moveing of an rollershutter.

If I open the same sitemap in basicui (or papaerui), the rollershutter is displayed with an Up-arrow, down-arrow and and X-stop button, which will work find. Unfortunately short press in basic UI starts the full movement, long press on the up or down arrow is for step-by-step for blinds, which is not optimal, because if you like to stop your blinds angle or rollershutter immediately, I need a immediately reaction on a short click.

So my questions:
1.) Is there a way to change the button style in habmin from ON/OFF to UP/STOP/DOWN
2.) Is there a way to change the behaviour: long press for complete run UP/DOWN, short press for STOP/BLINDS STEP?

Thank you.