Different user account with different user option(access to component)

i wanted an option where i can customise the user interface for different users of the openhab system at home

If you are using BasicUI, you can set up multiple Sitemaps, and link to them directly:


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how to allow them to access only the sitemaps which they are allowed to, instead of changing the sitemap in the app setting in the phone

Unfortunately, there is no built-in security/authentication/users.

Theoretically you can set up a reverse proxy with authentication and forward requests to the right sitemap based on who they log in as. It has been talked about but I know of no one who has actually posted an example.

is there any alternative option to get this functionality

waiting for an approach

No, there isn’t - at least no easy one. openHAB is merely a backend server connecting different hardware together and lets you orchestrate them all together.
If you wanted to add an security layer on that backend level, ist getting REALLY complicated REALLY fast.

So, the only “easy” thing is to reverse proxy and show different sitemaps. That’s it.

how to get reverse proxy done

That’s not openHAB related.
I think, there’s a thread on it here somewhere - or use other forums.
Relevant searches: reverse proxy nginx


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