Different visibility of points on location and property cards


I’m wondering if the following requirement can be configured within the OH3 model and MainUI:

It is about my power metering wallplugs. They are are currently equipments because they provide a switch and one or more power metering measurements and they are in a location.
So both points appear on the location card by default (and in the Property “Power” card).

Now in best case I would like to not show the power measurement in the location card but still in the Power property card.
So I understand the visibility flag of the list item could be a way but is there any sort of expression for it which differentiates the cards? I can hide it completely or hide it based on item states with expressions but I would like to hide it only from the location.

What could be a solution here?


I am sure someone will give you a more precise solution, but thinking about it you could make the power one just a point outside of you equipment (but still in the location for instance).
That way it would appeal in the location card’s property tab instead of under the equipment and also in the power card.

Edit: i think you could even remove it completely from the location card by moving the point outside of any location but keeping the semantic properties. That way it’s outside the location tab but still in the property tab.

That approach worked. I’m still a bit confused and didn’t want to break the “equipment” model. But I assume whatever helps to get to my expected result is a valid configuration :wink: