Digital relay timer for HabPanel

Hi, i have my Rpi3 with OH2 installed, i am using relay board for automation with my lights …etc

I would like to have widget for my habpanel with time to be set to different timelines up to my daily preference … so lets say i want my light to turn on for couple hours afternoon and one more houre after 9pm on sunday,
I been using Cronjob for this matter but i have to adjuste my code eveytime my preference change… so if i have a set code for widget like an alarm one but to turn on and off things on specific time that will be great…

Thanks for any help in advanced

Hi, vzorglub
thanks for the quick respond, i have tried to go around this all day but i cant seem to get anything, to import all these files i had done exept the image file which i am not sure where to put in OH and regarding the widget resources i put that in etc/openhab2/html as i dont have the location of habpanel/html
i have the widget now but no image

Sorry can’t help, I have never used it myself.
Ask for help in the original thread