digitalSTROM binding: Feature request: New Thing: Meter

Hi there,

I would like to see the live/aggregate power consumption of my digitalSTROM meters in openhab. Therefore it would be nice to have the meter as a new Thing available in the binding.

Unfortunately I do not know if the binding is still maintained and whom I should contact for this request.

Thanks & best regards

There is an update under review which as one part will cover your feature request.

Hi Hans-Jörg,

So this feature is already implemented on a branch / fork?
Is there any snapshot build available which contains this functionality already?


No, as the digitalSTROM binding is developed under Eclipse SmartHome, it is not included in the snapshot builds.
The according pull request is still under review.

I found the pull request. Unfortunately I cannot access the repo MichaelOchel:digitalSTROM-Binding_update-2-sq it seems to be private. So I cannot give it a try on my own but need to wait until it is integrated into Eclipse SmartHome. According to the comments in the pull request it should happen soon - at least I hope so…

No, it is not private, but it is even not easy to integrate at current state. I tested it only in my IDE, was not able to compile the jar.