Digitalstrom Call Scene Example

I’m unable to call a Scene via openhab 2.2 digitalstrom binding.
I did so far successfully linked the digitalStrom Server to my OH server via:

Bridge digitalstrom:dssBridge:server [ ipAddress=“”, userName=“dssadmin”, password=“dssadmin”, sensorDataUpdateIntervall=“180”]

Switch DSS_UG_BuroSzene “Büro Szene” { channel=“digitalstrom:GE:303505d7f8001820000xxxxx:303505d7f8000080000xxxxx:scene” }

on sitemap, i’m looking for a 5 value switch like:
Switch item=DSS_UG_BuroSzene mappings=[0=“off”, 5=“Szene1”, 17=“Sezene2”, 18=“S3”, 19=“s4”]

OH tail log fail:

2017-12-22 15:50:28.455 [WARN ] [rest.core.internal.item.ItemResource] - Received HTTP POST request at 'items/DSS_UG_BuroSzene' with an invalid status value '17'.

any ideas …

I think you need to reread the Binding documentation, as a Scene Channel can only switch a specific scene, represented by the Channel.

reading the binding documentation from DigitalStrom Binding , there’s some information about scenes:

Reading the example

namedScene Scene1 [ zoneID="5", groupID="1", sceneID="5"]

It seems I need to define scnece by ZoneID, i.e. for each room? I rather want to call scene on a single dss device directly…

I will have a closer look tonight when I have access to my testenvironment and try to provide a writeup.

Ok, I had a closer look into the documentation and the Binding itself, so I am sorry, but the Binding does not support what you what to achieve.
Only the following scenes are supported by now

Thanks hmerk

My aim is to call a scene 1 in a certain room with roomID 10 for example. What is the correct item to call scene 1 in room 10 ? I don’t get it so far…

Did you have the existing scenes discovered?
If not, go to inbox, do a new search on digitalSTROM Binding and all scenes will be discovered.
The just create a Switch Item you want to activate/deactivate.

If you want a multi selection, create a dummy Selection item with the different scenes to call. You can trigger a rule with the state of that dummy to controll your scenes.

Thanks again.

Yes. I was not searching for the scene in the paperUI, rather looking for manual configuration. I Do have 100+ DS devices in my building: once starting the scan I will got crowded and maintenace became (at least with OH 1) very difficult…

Is there a path with manual configuration via binding .things?

I am not shure, as I don‘t use scenes or manual config.
To not flood your inbox, you could setup a second instance of openHAB on a different machine and let this one scan for the scenes.
You can check then how the channels for scenes look like and try to get the right syntax for manual config.

I will try to find some time to do the same, but can not make promises when this will happen.

Thanks again.

Done. Found:


Let’s try it with a rule and a swtich button with the 5 values in my first entry…