digitalStrom: dim a scene

Hi everyone
i just installed openhab for the fist time and am trying to get my digitalstrom working with it in order to at first just use openhab as a nice gui front-end using the awesome looking hab-panel to control rooms. i managed to get it working so that i can now call scenes via hab-panel, i can dim lights attached to GE-KL devices but what i can’t figure out is, how i can dim an entire scene.
In the digitalStrom app on my phone i can call a Scene for a room and then dim that scene and i would like to be able to do the same thing in the hab-panel.
can anyone point me towards the right direction on how to achieve that?
in the digitalstrom binding documentation i see this note:

Channels with accepted command type increase and decrease:
digitalSTROM will only evaluate increase and decrease commands, if a scene was called before which turn the device on.

unfortunately i don’t understand what that means nor do i understand if that would help my case.
any help is appreciated, i’d really like to get that hab-panel working and start to dive deeper into openhab from there. i have been looking at it for a long time but never found the time to fiddle with it so far.


you have to send a ON to the device before you can use INCREASE or DECREASE to set the dim level.