Hi guys,

I just wanted to share that I developed an app to sync digitalSTROM devices with MQTT: GitHub - gaetancollaud/digitalstrom-mqtt: Bridge between digitalSTROM and MQTT

I was using the digitalSTROM biding of openHAB, but was never fully satisfied. For example, with my installation, when I pushed a physical button, the state of the devices was not reflected in OpenHAB.

In addition, I wanted openHAB to be the master of my automation and not use digitalSTROM advanced features. What I needed was a basic actuators interface (which digitalSTROM doesn’t provide easily since it highly coupled to scene).

Maybe it can help some other digitalSTROM users around here.


Edit1: As mentioned by @hmerk, normally the state should be reflected in openHAB, so I guess I just configured something wrong.


I do not see that behaviour in my digitalSTROM Installation. Whenn I press the lightswitch in my Kitchen, openHAB shows the correct state. Same with my rollershutters and other lights.

Ok, I was never able to make it work. I should have configured something wrong. I will edit my post.

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