Digitalstrom: Only devices/lights, no switches available?

Hi there,

maybe I am missing something or I am having a rather unusual Digitalstrom setup?

I have lights and separate switches for rooms and/or areas.

The problem:
If I power on/off the lights „directly“ using HomeKit with the Digitalstrom binding, I have to push the corresponding room/area switch twice for the light to turn on/off.

I then thought I could control the room/area switches directly. But these are not available as items, only „real“ lights (not switches) and scenes.

Is this true?

Last idea: Am I able to combine area on and off „items“ into one switch to be presented to HomeKit?

How did you solve this?

The separate switching devices indeed are not available as things and not controllable. But you can scan for scenes available in your installation to control them. Unfortunately I am not using the scenes so will not be of help.

Thank you Hans-Jörg for your feedback.

Just for clarification: The separate switches are also GE (Licht-Klemmen) devices.

I‘ll look into scenes to see if those are of any help. Don’t use them currently.

Depends on your installation.
I am controlling just 3 lights but all of my rollershutters with digitalSTROM.
Only one GE device is directly connected to a bulb and a switch.
All other switches are connected to 4 channel Joker devices which then control a certain function or area. So everything is setup as „Bereichstaster“ not „Gerätetaster“.

Your Joker devices are listed in openHab? Only GE devices directly associated with a light and scenes presets are listed over here…

Joker devices are not discovered, even they are setup to match the color ( GE or GR)

I think the problem is I am using GE-TKM230 for my switches. They are not discovered and if added manually as thing they have no channel.

I guess this is only fixable by code/updating the binding, right?

Have found a solution, sort of, a few bugs and another “problem”:

The solution (to the above):
Changed my setup from “Room switches” (Raumtaster) to zones (Bereichstaster) and then was able to setup all needed things and items.

The bugs:
While playing around I’ve found a few bugs(?).
When adding a thing (for the digitalstrom binding) manually, I was unable to add the dSID in OpenHAB 2.x but it worked in OpenHAB3 milestone 1.
Also the Zone-IDs and Group-IDs always have to be corrected from x.y to x (i.e. 2.0 -> 2) for all digitalstrom things to become online.

The one problem left:
I’ve added my shutters/blinds to HomeKit but always have to tap twice to make them work (Lights are working as expected).
Controlling the blinds with openHAB works without any problem.

  • thing setup with Chanel shade (Rollershutter) Positionssteuerung
  • linked item Rollershutter with tag point and Apple HomeKit Accesorry/Characteristic WindowCovering