Dim duration z-wave Qubino ZMNHDD


I’m looking for information on what controls the dim duration when you set a z-wave Qubino dimmer to a specific percentage using a command on the brightness channel.

I’ve got a bunch of Qubino ZMNHDD z-wave dimmers and I would like to set them instantly to a specific dim level with 0 duration. If I use the brightness channel there’s always a couple of seconds duration on any change. Even when I set the module configuration parameter to 0. When I use the switch channel it’s instant ON or OFF but it always goes to the maximum dim level on ON.

In my use case I’d like to turn on the light when a sensor notices motion, but I don’t want it at 100% light as that’s too bright. Currently it takes a bit too long with the dimmer channel, when passing through a room it normally reaches the level once I’m no longer present.

Is the duration between dim levels controlled by the z-wave binding/openhab or is this specific to the Qubino dimmers? Perhaps @chris knows?


ZWave protocol does support this, but it’s not implemented in OH at the moment. It could be implemented relatively easily for all commands (ie a single setting that affected all dimmer commands) but I don’t think this is what you want? If I understand correctly you want to be able to do this on some commands only?

The problem is there’s no easy way to set “secondary information” for a command - so the primary command being “set the level to 60%” - secondary information being “and take 2 seconds to do it”. I can think of hacky ways to do it - having another item that sets the duration that somehow updates the binding to set the duration, and then you send a set level command, but it’s not very nice, and there’s no way that I can think of to ensure that if two commands are sent close together, that there’s no conflict (ie the binding can’t associate these two items together).

I tried to address this issue previously in the ESH forum, but there seems no interest in it in ESH unfortunately.

Thanks Chris, :slight_smile:

Let’s say I wanted to hack this in there, could you point me to a class or some specific parts of the code and I’ll create a custom build.

Without having looked at the code at all I’m thinking extending the specific state class with a custom one that also has the duration. Or a bit more of a hack, add a condition and check for a specific suffix on the command name (..._brightness_instant).


Sorry, but what is “this”? Do you mean the ability to add a time to the state? If so, this is a major change - it’s not something that you can do in the binding - it would require you to change the ESH core code that handles the command states.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a “hack” option available if this is what you want to do. I started to look at this after I wrote the post on ESH, but it started to balloon a bit and it would need significant time to add this functionality to ESH.

As I mentioned earlier, we could add a simple option to set this in the binding (configurable) but this would not be configurable for each command. I would be happy to add this though.

(or maybe I misunderstood “this” and you had another idea?).

With “this” I was referring to “It could be implemented relatively easily for all commands”.

I’d really appreciate if you’d add this option, but I can also take a stab at it myself if you point me to the place.

I made the assumption that where it would be implemented one would have access to the specific command sent, enabling, by say a condition, a specific hack to my setup, to only do it when some details of the commands match (instance, id, name etc.), but perhaps that’s not the case.

It’s relatively easy - nothing to do with the commands as such but it’s a quick job to add this as a channel option.

Hi Chris,

How do I add this as a channel option? Could you explain this? Thanks!


I need this to. Thought about to switch to another system but I like openHAB

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@chris Please could you look at this? Thanks! Stefan

This disucssion is a few years old now. Can you please advise exactly what is needed here. Is this a configuration option that can be configured in the Qubino device? Or is this the dim speed sent by the binding?

If it’s a config parameter that can be set in the device, then it’s easy, if it requires binding modification, then it’s not easy.

From Qubino support:

Now if you can find a way to do it with the slider to send 0x26 COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL, 0x01 SWITCH_MULTILEVEL_SET value (desired value) and 00 (dimming duration) in HEX raw command that should be 26 01 (dim value in hex) 00 that will make the dimmer fade to the desired value instantly.

Ok, so this is the dim speed that would need to be set by the binding, and that is not currently possible.

Summary: The dim time/speed must be added to the dim level/value.


Ok, so this is the dim speed that would need to be set by the binding, and that is not currently possible

The quote above, is this an question or not?

More info:

Is there any way in openHAB to send the command 26 01 xx 00 with a fader of a dimmer.

What I would like to be achieve is to send the dimming duration of a Qubino dimmer other than the default one. The dimmer is able to do that sending beside the dimming value also the dimming duration with the same command 0x26 COMMAND_CLASS_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL, 0x01 SWITCH_MULTILEVEL_SET

The xx is the dimming value of a dimmer so that is set by the fader, I would need the option to add the 00 to be sent same time as this would make the dimming value fade with the speed I set and not the default speed from the device. It would be a great option a drop-down beside the fader having – 00, 01, 02,… and other values selectable.