Dimmer Channel missing from MQTT Generic

I am attempting to add a dimmer to my OpenHab 3.2 system via an MQTT integration. I can add the actual Thing via the MQTT Generic Thing and it picks up the online/offline state. Unfortunately when I go to add a dimmer channel to the Thing the dimmer type is not available to choose in the UI. All the other channel types do appear with the closest Channel Type being “percentage”. The documentation shows that a dimmer should be there.

I have read back through the documentation changes and see that the reference to the dimmer has been there since the 2.x days. I have also read back through all the commits for the mqtt add on and can find no reference to a change to the dimmer functionality. (I don’t have a good handle on the add-on development structure so could EASILY have missed something.)

I have cleared cache and restarted and my OpenHab which is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Ubuntu 20.04.3.

Any help in pointing me to what I can look at is greatly appreciated.

As an aside, the dimmer is a CE Smart dimmer that has been flashed with ESPHome and support for Home Assistant discovery. The reason I am using a generic thing rather than the thing that OpenHab discovers is that the discovery creates the dimmer channel as a “Trigger” so I can’t add an item to it. I may open another topic in the future but figured trying to get something connected with the least complexity is a good start.

Huh, interesting. This doesn’t help you immediately, but I use OH3 with configuration files, and have happily and successfully configured all sorts of Dimmer Channels in generic MQTT things.

Actually, looking at it again I think Dimmer has just been renamed to Percentage in the openHAB UI, as a Percentage Channel is not listed in the documentation.

That’s the one.

Thanks much! Not sure why I went down the rabbit hole of looking for the answer instead of just trying it. LOL

It is all manually configured and working. Now to dig in to why the Home Assistant discovery sets a “trigger” channel.