Dimmer for 230V lamps to be mounted on ceiling wanted

Hi all,
I am living in a rented apartment so I can’t change the wiring or the wall switches. However, I want to make most of my lights dimmable. I have equipped most of my lights with dimmable LED light bulbs (230V~), the only part missing is the dimmer.

Are there any known dimmer modules that I can mount near the ceiling cable?

Or is there an alltogether better solution?
I do not really want to start using something like HUE as I have a variety of light bulbs which are not available in HUE format.

Something like that?

Very interesting find, thank you! I guess this: SH5-TBD-02A is even more interesting. It seems to be controllable via 433mhz (i could buy a dongle for my Pi, and have found some info on the protocol).

However I wonder if i would need to reprogram it everytime it loses power. Maybe worth to buy one and check it out.