Dimmer Hardware & firmware to control FAN speed and Light intensity sonoff

I can switch ON/OFF using sonoff and mqtt binding,but I have searched for many solutions to control the speed of the fan.can I switch on & off fan and control the speed with single sonoff ?



I want to buy one, just to be sure, is it controlled fully from openHAB?

Yes, the tasmota flashing is a bit tricky and the example is for HomeAssistant. But if tasmota is flashed then you can use it with openHAB

Yes, seems that flashing here is more complicated … I am not sure I want to get into this process for now. Without Tasmota, can openHAB control it via MQTT?


I just don’t understand why they make our life harder … if they make the devices more open to the source community, I assume more will buy those devices

They already do. All the hardware is open source and available on their wiki.
They also want paople to use their app. So fair enough. Itead is a GREAT company. And there are not enough like them.

@vzorglub Sorry that I misunderstood, my comment was in general, not ITEAD specific, yes, they are very open with what they do.