Dimmer label with switch item

Hey guys,

I’ve started to play around with HABpanel and OH3. For now it seems to work fine and as expected.
Now I wanted to add a dimmer item “Wandlicht” to the UI. Using a knob it also works as expected. Since I’m missing a function on the knob to turn the light on/off directly with one click (btw would be cool allowing that by pressing in the middle or so), I added a switch widget next to it - so one does not have to hit precisely 0/100% on the knob. Now I have an unexpected behavior, that the switch widget does change the color properly depending on 0/100% (off/on), but it’s not showing any label, like it usually does on normal switch items like shown in the picture. I’m missing something or doesn’t the switch widget support labels on dimmer items? Both widgets are using the same item.