Dimmer Light from Start Pressing and Stop Pressing Events

running OH 3.4.2. I use Tasmota on my actuators aroung my house.
I have a node with some button. Single press turn on and off simple light.
What I would like to do, is to use press hold and release to dimmer a led strip.
Tasmota send this 2 event on mqtt:

18:52:21.510 MQT: stat/503SalottoSx/RESULT = {"Button3":{"Action":"HOLD"}}
18:52:23.185 MQT: stat/503SalottoSx/RESULT = {"Button3":{"Action":"CLEAR"}}

It send HOLD when I hold the button and send CLEAR when I leave the button. I would like to use this two event do dim a led strip, keeping pressed the button, bu I don’t know how perform this with rules.

Many Thanks in advance for suggestion.


Hi Marco,
I tried to achive this some time ago with other hardware… But because of a device change I never tested it.
Maybe this will help you, maybe it is total bs :sweat_smile:
I am sure someone here will tell if this will work or not.


Maybe this Button Dimmer help you

Thanks both for suggestion, I will try in next days