Dimmer percentage command broken?

I use z-wave dimmers.
The percentage commands don’t work anymore.
I assume it is related to the alexa skill version 3.x.
It started a view weeks ago.
I’m using german.

Does anyone experience similar problems?

What do you mean by not working anymore?

Can you please provide the item definition including the Alexa configuration? Have you tried to delete the OH related devices from your Alexa account and trigger a discovery?

not working:
I use the command " 50%".
It accepts it but has no effect.
I deleted one of the lamps and added it again in the alexa app.

I tried to do the same with the second. I’m not able to add that again.
I try adding with “add device” → “search devices”

Also I added new device that is configured on openhab, but also doesn’t show up in the alexa app.

Dimmer GF_LivingDining_Table_Light “Licht Esstisch” (GF_LivingDining, gLight, gGroundFloor) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}

There is was no alexa definition in the items definition

I now added alexa=“Light”.
Now it shows up in the app, also the new lights.

The new lights now work with:
Alexa 50%

the older lights don’t.

But I can actually change the Brightness in the alexa app. Not with the voice command though

Tags are no longer supported in OH 3.x.

Please use the utterance examples listed in the documentation.

I didn’t check the markup :frowning:
so what I use is: Alexa light name 50%
This works for the new lamps not for the old, I don’t see the difference in the configs :frowning:
What would be the utterance examples for german?
I didn’t find those tranlations in the github repo

Something like this (exclude the homekit part)

Dimmer    KG_Flur_Deckenleuchten                        "KG Flur"                                       <light>                      {alexa="Lighting", homekit="Lighting, Lighting.Brightness" [dimmerMode="normal"], channel="knx:device:bridge:Lichtdimmer:KG_Flur_Deckenleuchten"}

It should be {alexa="Light"} to avoid more confusion. Lighting is just a backward compatible naming that may be removed in a future release. Please use the syntax listed in the latest documentation.

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Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. What do you define as old? What do you define as new? For each, please provide item definition, the utterances in your own language you are requesting and what was the result.

Also, have you deleted your existing devices from your Alexa account and trigger a discovery?

You would need to use an online translator as Amazon doesn’t provide much non-English utterance examples in their documentation.

Thank you

Hi guys,

Sorry it takes me so long to react, busy times :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestions.

I removed the tags now and added alexa=“Light” where applicable.

It seems to work again.

I really appreciate that you took the time to answer my questions.

thanks :slight_smile:

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