Dimmer/Slider control issue

Hi all, I’ve encountered a slightly different problem from those described thus far with dimmers and sliders. I have sliders controlling a dimmer group, and I have switches controlling the same group. Basically so you can use the switch to go straight from 0->100 or 100->0 instantly, and the dimmers for finer control.

If I slide a dimmer from 0 to any point, the switch updates to ON. Likewise, if I slide the dimmer from any point to 0, the switch updates to OFF. However, if I click the switch from OFF to ON, the slider does not update to 100 (though from querying the item I can see that it, in fact, is set at 100. Same if I go from ON to OFF. Item goes from 100 to 0, but the slider does not update. In all cases, if I click the manual update button, the slider reflects the correct value.

Any ideas if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a workaround to make the slider update automatically?

Which UI are you using?
In my sitemap with BasicUI, sometimes it takes 1 or 2 seconds until the Switch/Dimmer elements are updated automatically (but they do, without the need to do a manual refresh of the web page)

Post your sitemap contents to check them.

Ps: There are some issues open on https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues that may be related.

Hi Angelos, Basic and Classic UI’s update as expected. It is specifically the HABpanel UI that doesn’t update. I did post (I believe) in the HABpanel sub topic but I didn’t mention it in my post so that may not have been obvious. But it’s definitely a HABpanel specific issue I’m having.

Thanks for your response!