Dimmer status not correct when manually set

  • Platform information: Not at the computer so this is off memory. PC is Samsung xe700t1a tablet.
    • Hardware: intel i5 2467/4gb ram/128gb SSD
    • OS: Lubuntu 18.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: the recommended from the setup guide
    • openHAB version: latest

I have a Jasco/ge dimmer and while it works great I have noticed that if I turn it on/off or set the dimming level by hand that the system reports the wrong value for the level in openhab (and by extension in google assistant). if I set it by software (through either openhab or google assistant) it reports properly. am I missing a configuration?

What model? We have several listed in our database.

That OH version is latest? The current stable version is 2.4 and quite old. In fact. If you are running this version the Z-zwave developer recommend you either manually update the binding to a later version or move to a later OH version. I am running the latest testing version 2.5M3 and find it quite stable. The berg latest versions are the unstable nightly snapshot builds which may have issues.

The Box and paperwork is gone (not sure how since I save boxes as a rule) and the other switch in the box has a stripped screw so I’m not removing the cover till I have a replacement switch for that.
But a quick check of my amazon account says it is a jasco zw3004.

OH is latest stable - I generally only run stable due to the fact I’m not the only one using this but if the testing is near stable release I will consider it.

You mentioned updating the binding - how would I do that?

edit: Thanks for the quick reply!

OK, here is your switch in the database, likely. There is a copy of the Honeywell manual too.

Some devices can be ionconsistent on reporting status although most people I heard of are satisfied with Jasco switches.

Another brand to consider, with good customer support is Zooz They sell on amazon & their own online store. They have actually sent us some free devices so we can complete our database for their products. They have also promised to ship products when they are newly released. Within the next week they will add OpenHAB in the lis of compatible systems on their store site.

I am using a non-dimming toggle switch for a basement staircase with a regular switch at the bottom. Once I quickly exchanged my first defective one it has been very impressive & their prices are generally reasonable. I just receive a plugin outlet & a motion detector but have not gone beyond joining them to my network.

When i go into openhab to check my settings against the database i find that my switch is listed as a zw3101 which per the database is a plug. is there any way to change this?

my available funds are low right now or i would replace that stripped switch right away. I did use an ebay credit to buy a thermostat (had trouble passing up a brand new tbz48 in box for $25 especially when i had a $30 credit) If Zooz is supporting openhab they will be on the top of my list for future purchases.

That should be based off its id. From HABmin, go to Configutation -> Things -> (your switch).
All the way at the bottom of the wight pane, select Attrubutes. You should see something like this.


We are mainly interested in the numbers for the Manufacturer & Type / ID.

Here it is

OK it appears (I am assuming) the vendor used the same ID for a Z-Wave device & a Z-Wave Plus one.
Are we able to differentiate in the database based on Z-Wave vs Z-Wave Plus?


(in an effort to not make a new thread I am practicing the dark arts of forum necromancy and raising a dead thread.)

just wondering if anybody found a workaround for this issue? even with the upgrade to v3 it still shows as a plug-in lamp module and does not report correctly when I use the physical switch.

Changes since the original post are that I switched to OH3 and Zulu java 11 on Lubuntu 20.04 on the same hardware.