Dimmer switch for standing lamp


i am trying to build a nightstand lamp for the corridor which should be automatically lighting up at the evening and get darker every hour.

I bought a zigbee dimmer switch at AliExpress, but noticed that they all work only with a rest switch (taster in German). My lamp has a normal on/off switch wired to the main cable.

Does anyone know if there is a dimmable zigbee switch that can be controlled physically by an on/off switch or ration switch?

Or has anyone else an idea how I can archive my idea?

Thank you!

Hi ,
I use a basic dimmable zigbee bulb in my hallway lamp and just leave the manual switch on the lamp on to accomplish this.
I am in US but I would think there is an EU equivalent to this.

Thank you for your thoughts, but I would like to have a physical switch. If I use a dimmable bulb, I would turn of the bulb and can’t control it anymore through openhab

ok well other then modifying the lamp and adding something like a light control relay module maybe even the sonoff ZB mini and have the manual switch control it if the switch is not integrated to the lightbulb socket (but here in US most lamp switches are integrated into the light bulb socket so that is not really feasible but they do make straight replacement lightbulb sockets with out a switch ) then you could override it in place or wire it in in parallel with the existing manual switch to by pass it if you turn off manual light switch and then have the dimmable bulb to solution your timed night light feature one thing about dimmable ZigBee bulbs is they do come on full(100%) after power cycle so you would have to reapply the dimming level you wanted is all I can think of for ZigBee approach Personally I have not seen a ZigBee dimmable switch that is designed for mounting in a device only ones for mounting inside wall boxes.