Dimmer temperature KNX without rule

Hi All,
I had tried to connect a dimmer for manage a temperature.

I have connect the device KNX with this address:
If I send a value from dimmer (for example 18 °C), on ETS I can see 0,18…
I need to create a rule?

And If I edit the temperature on thermostat, how I can update the same dimmer?


A dimmer is a dimmer, not a temperature… :wink:

I’m pretty sure that you want to use a slider to adjust the temperature in knx, so you will need a rule to link two items (where Item one is linked to the knx temperature Channel (Number) and Item two is not linked at all). The rule has to send a command to Item one if Item two received a command. Furthermore a second rule has to take care it Item one received an update and if, set Item two accordingly (with postUpdate, not sendCommand)