Dimmer with decent PWM frequency - zigbee, z-wave or wifi


I am looking for a dimmer with a reasonable PWM frequency. It should have at least two channels to control a LED strip. It can either be zigbee, z-wave or wifi.

Fibaro and Qubino offer RGBW dimmers for z-wave. This would be exactly what I need, but the PWM frequency is limited to 244 Hz/488 Hz which is too low. Do you know of reliable devices with a higher PWM frequency?

No, and I doubt there are any. How do you come to think 244 Hz is too low ? I never heard of anybody to notice flickering at that rate.

Well it is visible.

Just an example: https://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/powerhouse/archive/2016/08/26/led-brightness-adjustment-high-frequency-pwm-dimming#

I have seen some zigbee dimmers that claim to have a higher frequency. They are not from a reliable brand however, so I don’t know anything about their quality.