Dimmer with openhab

Hello everyone,

Have anyone worked on the dimmer part with openhab application?
I am using esp8266 and raspberry pi(working as server here) and openhab application. I made the slider into the openhab application but dont’t know how to do the coding part for dimmer in esp8266.

Please help me if anyone have done this type of work before.

Did you search the forum already and tried some stuff?
Since a quick google brings me to this topic 220v/110v AC Dimmer/Speed controller for ESP8266

yes, sir I already tried but have not got the dimmer code with esp8266 and openhab yet.
Kindly help.

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esp8266 is a generic platform. It depends on what specific code you or the vendor has installed on your esp8266.
If its a popular Dimmer then there could be a binding.
Without the protocol details its hard to suggest anything concrete.

Sir, actually I have tested dimmer circuit with the Arduino UNO with the same code as given into the step no. 8 in the link below for my hardware testing and that’s working as well.

But now I want to do the same with esp8266 and openhab application. but the #include<TimerOne.h> is not working for esp8266. Its showing error while compilation. So I want to know the solution for that.

Timer1 and the other libraries you used in project are specific to Arduino. You need to search for equivalent libraries for esp platform. If you have a working code on Arduino, you can simply use MySensors network library alon with nrf24l01p module and its OH binding (on Eclipse SmartHome market place) to see your Dimmer in OH.
The esp8266 is a wifi technology and most routers will work with only 32 devices, minus your phones/tabs/pcs/laptops that gives you around 25 devices max. And since wifi is a star topology, you will be limited by range of 10m max on single floor.
MySensors is a tree network, so the range could be multi-floor. It has a limit of 254 devices per bridge. I would suggest you explore on those lines. MySensors is an opensource project.

Thank you so much sir for this idea.I will work on it.

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