Dimming dali over knx

Hey, so i ve got following problem, i d like to dimm the lights that are controlled over a dali gateway that is controlled over knx.
Problem is there is only one adress for the dimming part for example 0/5/6 is for dimming, i tried it in the ets it works there.
from what i ve read in the forum its supposed to have

  • switch
  • switchstatus
  • (reldimm)
  • dimm
  • dimmstatus

So i already tried to implement a slider that wont work since the slider wont get a status since there isnt any status adress, also it wont send anydata since the gateway needs an break message.

so my question is it possible that i use an setpoint and use a rule or a mapping to send like 01 or 09 and then 00 (dpt 3.007)for break?

So you want to only use relative dimming? That’s not supported yet for knx.

it seems so, thats why i was asking if i can simulate this with an rule for example ?

my idea was sending two commands with the 3.007 values but i cant find how to define these for the datatype.

Are you sure there is no absolute dimming for dali gateway? Do you have access to ETS and project? Which gateway do you own?

I have access to the ets project.
I took a look at the gateway settings already in hope to find the absolute dimming somewhere, but either i was blind and didn’t see it or it isnt able to absolute dimm.

Gateway:DALI Gateway plus

This one from GIRA? http://download.gira.de/data2/21803210.pdf Take a look at page 27 :wink:

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yes its from gira its the COOD11

i was blind then it seems :slight_smile:

yeah see it now

thank you very much

You’re welcome :slight_smile: