Dimming state of lamps not correct


I have made a set-up for dimming and switching lights. For some reason the dimming state of some lamps is not correct. In the app and browser it is shown that the light are on but in real they are not.
Why is it working with some light and not with others? The set-up is the same.

In the webbrowser it looks like this

The code is like this

Dimmer Licht_BG_K1_PS  		"Plafondspots Wand Garage Dim"   	(gDI,BG_E) 		{knx="0/0/2+<0/1/2,0/2/2,0/3/2+0/4/2"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_EK_PL1  	"Plafondlamp Tafel Dim"   		(gDI,BG_E) 		{knx="0/0/4+<0/1/4,0/2/4,0/3/4+0/4/4"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_W_S1  		"Plafondspots Zijkant Woonkamer Dim"   	(gDI,BG_W) 		{knx="0/0/5+<0/1/5,0/2/5,0/3/5+0/4/5"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_W_S2  		"Plafondspots Achterkant Erker Dim"   	(gDI,BG_W) 		{knx="0/0/6+<0/1/6,0/2/6,0/3/6+0/4/6"}

Some clarification of the knx adresses:
0/0/2 = switching
0/1/2 = feedback signal
0/2/2 = dimming
0/3/2 = value
0/4/2 = feedback signal dimming

It would be nice if someone can point me into the right direction to solve this.

Change your label text to include a textual representation of the Dimmers’ current state, like this:

Dimmer Licht_BG_K1_PS  		"Plafondspots Wand Garage Dim [%d %%]"   	(gDI,BG_E) 		{knx="0/0/2+<0/1/2,0/2/2,0/3/2+0/4/2"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_EK_PL1  	"Plafondlamp Tafel Dim [%d %%]"   		(gDI,BG_E) 		{knx="0/0/4+<0/1/4,0/2/4,0/3/4+0/4/4"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_W_S1  		"Plafondspots Zijkant Woonkamer Dim [%d %%]"   	(gDI,BG_W) 		{knx="0/0/5+<0/1/5,0/2/5,0/3/5+0/4/5"}
Dimmer Licht_BG_W_S2  		"Plafondspots Achterkant Erker Dim [%d %%]"   	(gDI,BG_W) 		{knx="0/0/6+<0/1/6,0/2/6,0/3/6+0/4/6"}

And then you might see that some values are not completely to 0. (Maybe. :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the comment.
I have added this right away to the config but it shows 0%.

Ah, then it’s more likely an issue related to the KNX binding (or your specific KNX setup). Tag this topic with “knx” to hopefully attract other KNX users for more insight. Sorry it wasn’t so simple, but it may be yet!

My dimmers look like this and are working fine:
Dimmer Living_Room_DIMMER “[%d %%]” (Ligths) {knx=“5.001:1/1/23”}

Hope that help

It does not work for me.
I really think it has something to do with the initial set-up of the knx system and programming (I did not do it myself).
I wil dig into it. It needs to be solved!! :grimacing:
When I have more info I will comeback to share it with the community.

I’m curious, did you find a solution of your problem?

My dimmer items look like this:

Dimmer Dimmer_EG_Korridor_BWM_10  	"BWM EG Korridor"		(gDimmer)	{knx="2/2/0+<2/2/3, 2/2/1, 2/2/2+<2/2/4"}

What I can see as a difference is that my last group address has an additional “<” (=read value).

Hope this helps.

I have it working now like this.

Dimmer Licht_BG_K_PS	  	"Plafondspots Keuken Dim [%d %%]"   			(gDI,BG_k,DIM) 		{knx="0/0/1+<0/1/1,0/2/1,0/3/1+0/4/1"}

At startup everything is on and in 1 minute everything goes to the real value.
Hope it works for you as well.