DIN-rail circuit breaker with power meter approved for Belgium (Europe)

Does anyone know if there are any DIN rail circuit breakers with integrated energy metering available that comply with requirements. I live in Belgium.

I know there are some available on Aliexpress or Amazon but I doubt these would meet specifications.

I would love to replace my standard Din rail circuit breakers with smart breakers in order to monitor electricity consumption at a circuit/breaker level.

I also know there are solution that put clams on every wire but it will become very messy I’m afraid.

Shelly Pro 4PM (3P) when bought in EU via amazon.nl for example (CE marking required) or its 1P equivalent Shelly Pro 1PM
However this allows energy measurement and on/off switching, it does not replace a circuit breaker

the fastest is this without replacing breakers

Thanks. I didn’t know this solution and I like it. Clean and professional. Not the cheapest I noticed but you don’t want to mess with main electricity board so you get what you pay for :slight_smile: