Direct Push Mechanism


Is there an existing push mechanism for the interface between the mobile application and OpenHAB that does not require a broker/proxy?

I know that there are different ways to address this (polling, persistence connection, etc), but my question is specifically for an exiting interface that I could use with the existing mobile applications.


NotifyMy Android, there are instructions for how to send to PushBullet using curl, Prowl, Pushover, Telegram all have supported actions which don’t require a proxy like MQTTWarn to send messages to.

Thanks Rich,

It seems that these options are not part of the mobile application provided by OpenHAB, but instead require a separate application.

What I am looking for is a way to push notifications to the existing OpenHAB mobile applications. Your response imply that this is not possible with the existing mobile applications; is that correct?


OK, I understand better. I thought you were talking about an MQTT Broker it some external app like mqttWarn.

You can send notifications to the openHAB app through the my.openHAB binding. Install the binding and use the sendNotification action.

The my.openHAB is a cloud based service, not a direct interface to the local OpenHAB; right?

my.openhab is a binding which:

  • provides a proxy so you can get to your sitemap through my.openhab without punching a hole through your firewall with port forwarding

  • sends and receives data between your openHAB and IFTTT

  • sends notifications to the phone apps (to include openHAB going offline)

  • send an SMS to your phone from openHAB (don’t send too many or the service may cease to be free)

Thanks Rich,

All of these seems to require some server in the cloud, which is not what I am looking for.
I think that today OpenHAB does not have a direct channel between the mobile app and the local OpenHAB.