Disable polling all channel links on every command sent

Hello everybody,

for some time now i’m struggling with some random delays that show up on my z-wave network.
Most time my light switches work like charm - but sometimes they have a delay of a few seconds. Could be 10 or 20 seconds also.
There seems to be some Traffic going on that blocks the duty cycle of the transmission.

I now found that my stick is flashing blue for some seconds every 5 minutes.

I’ve got a rule that updates the position of the eurotronic spirit valve in my living room. Every time the position is updated the device sends some status informations i didn’t expect to get.
zwave.log (56.6 KB)

As you can see in the log the position gets send as expected. But then the Binding seems to poll the complete state of all linkes items (Position, Thermostat temperature, thermostat Mode, Battery) and also looks like the controller receives the answer multiple times. I would have expacted the binding to only poll the Position as that was the only message i sent. Why do i get some RX messages multiple times?

as you can see in the log the whole process takes about 10 seconds and it looks like this is blocking the whole bus for that time.
I already removed some Channel links i don’t need. This changed the process time from about 25 seconds to these 10 seconds.

Any idea why this takes so long or how to disable polling all channels every time?


A couple of comments, ideas. (Note: I don’t have the device)

  1. The response times look very slow. The initial command takes 5 seconds for the device to confirm the new setting. Is this a filtered log (34)? It could be something else is filling the airwaves. You don’t have any zombie nodes or past versions of node 34 popping up with a zwave scan?
  2. At first glance I can’t see why the polling of the other channels at 58.24.904 gets started. Just curious why you are controlling to value position rather than letting the device adjust to the setpoint (Heat or Energy)? Less commands could help as then no polling is required. Could also set the command poll to zero and see what happens.
  3. What are params 4-6? All zero for no unsolicited reports? It does appear that some of the reports are unsolicited. What I mean from the temperature sequence; After the TX at 58.24.904 there are two reports before the ack for that TX (100) is received, then finally the report that allows the binding to move on to the next TX. (It is almost like the device responds to the message twice before it acknowledged to the binding that it received the message.)

Dear @apella12 ,
thank you for your answer.

  1. No this Log is not filtered. In the zwave.log file you can see that the polling starts at 09:58:21.421 and it polls all the stuff that i listet (dimmer=positon, temperature, mode, battery-level). What i don’t understand is why it not only polls the position value? The Time from when the TX is sent until the RX is received is about 2.4 seconds. I think this might be related to the device it self.
  2. I’m using the positon as i have an external PID for the valve that updates the position every 5 minutes. In fact since my Heatpump got installed i’m only setting 100% and 0% any more.
  3. 4 = 1 (Battery report enabled), 5 = 5 (report on delta T = 0.5°C), 6 = 50 (When changeing more than 50%). For the last one i need to tell you that the valve was 0 before and i sent 0 again. I don’t think that these are unsolicited reoports as this is 100% reproduceable every time i send a value.

For now i set polling to 0 as i don’t think that i really need that. But would be nice to find out why the binding pools all the values. And why the Network hangs.
The device it self has a good connection from what i can say about it.
See here:


I’m not the developer but did glance through the code. I suspect it could be related to this being a frequently listening device. That’s a gray area between battery and powered, but nothing obvious with my limited java skills.

No need to do this is the command poll of “0” is working for you, more for the sake of science. What does a debug of “0” look like? Is the polling stopped? What polling related values (and wake values, if present) do you have on the controller UI page and on the device UI page? Also what does the JSON look like (using the API explorer) for the device?

The network map is not a diagnostic tool. It does show neighbors, but not message/command routing. That could still have issues. I would expect more times like the battery response (green) for a well functioning network.