Disable slide to HABPanel main menu

Is there a way to disable the sliding action to display the menu on the left?
I use a small touch screen and I’ve found myself many times to partially slide the main screen to the right to (partially) uncover the main menu on the left by accident. My UI has shortcuts to switch the various panels.

Enable kiosk mode by adding


to the URL.

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Wow! Didn’t know this parameter!
For those who didn’t know, it removes the whole top area giving more space for my items.
The top area includes:

  • The burger (menu icon)
  • The panel name
  • The (hidden until you hover) edit icon
  • The voice icon
  • The refresh icon
  • The fullscreen icon

It also disables what I asked for. The slide-to-the-right main menu :wink:

Thank you so much @vbier !