Disabling Aeotec PIR indicator LED on Motion Sensor 6

I’ve got a spouse situation :wink: I have an Disabling Aeotec Motion Sensor 6 in our bedroom and every time one of us moves, the PIR indicator blinks. The green color is very visible at night (I have been told in no uncertain terms).

I was wondering if there was any way to turn the PIR indicator off, I don’t see anything on the thing or the item that helps.


IIRC there was a ZWave parameter introduced to affect that but I do not recall the details. Check out the Aeotec docs on their site
Or get some paint …

I’d prefer to avoid the sticker/paint option and you are right: There is a parameter: 81 (0x51) Enable/disable the LED blinking when the PIR is triggered. How does one use that? In the binding or the thing?


just like you use any zwave parameter

Gotcha. I found it buried in the thing :wink:

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