[Discontinued] OH2 Ubiquiti Networks mPower binding

Hello, does anyone still have the binding addon for OH2 and can provide me a download link, please? I try to find a way to connect my mfi devices to OH2 … Many thanks for all feedback and information. I´m an absolutly newbie to this world :slight_smile:

Hi, here you are: https://openhab.page.link/fFWD

…but… it is very old and most likely will NOT work on OH2.3+ (and there are not many users on it, so you won’t be able to get help)

why don’t you use the MQTT client solution that is linked on the first post?

Many thanks :slight_smile: for the fast response. As i said i´m a newbie and i need this only for siwtch off/on not measurin get …
MQTT, i tried, but it seems i´m to stupid for get this up and running :slight_smile: thats why i ask

I had troubles setting up MQTT on my mPower units initially but I finally got it and it works so much better… :slight_smile:
If you take it slow and read the docs, you will learn alot and it will work.
Treat it as a hobby :wink:

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Thanks for the advice … i will try :slight_smile: Of course this is a hobby :slight_smile:-)

Ps: Do you have guide how i can connect my mpower devices via MQTT ?

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Heads up… in case you need “a few” mini’s …:grin:

(no it’s not me)

Hey … has some a guide to change to Mqtt? I had to move to OH3 and now all power strips a not working anymore … I guess nobody is working on an OH 3 binding for mFi … right ?

Take alook at GitHub - magcode/mpower-tools: Tools for operating Ubiquiti Networks mPower devices (go to mqtt…)

thank you Udo. Work this also with the Mfi Pro with 6 sockets ?

Yes, sure, that’s the one I’m using :slight_smile:

TOP Thanks

I updated the docs with a better example for MQTT/Openhab.

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Hello Gentlemen,

question, where are those files ?

/var/etc/persistent/mqtt/client/mqtt.cfg should those folders and files come with install.sh ?

I can see a folder mqtt/install.sh but nothing else.

sorry, is my first time that I work with mqtt. If you have a guide for dummies like me would be great … thanks


This is not e question of mqtt :slight_smile:
Did you follow the steps to install?

mkdir /var/etc/persistent/mqtt
wget --no-check-certificate -q https://raw.githubusercontent.com/magcode/mpower-tools/master/mqtt/client/install-client.sh -O /var/etc/persistent/mqtt/install-client.sh;chmod 755 /var/etc/persistent/mqtt/install-client.sh;/var/etc/persistent/mqtt/install-client.sh


I got the script running…

The install-client.sh was picked but the file was empty after adding code and manual execution all folders and files created …