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I did critizise Home Assistant, for being unstable on spesific hardware, that they did not like. Also I said that the documentation is outdated, wich they denide. Then I show them an example of that, the answer was that " this shitty document should not be there" Instead they was very caught up in discussing if I was in the right channel and so on. for that I was kicked. Goodbye HA Discord, goodbye HA. Welcome Open HAB


I moved over head about a year ago. ( I was the one who finally came up with that long process to move to Python 3.)

What hardware & OS are you running? What smart home technologies?

OpenHAB is somewhat more stable than HA but, right now, it is going through upcoming major changes too.

I moved here mainly for the excellent Z-Wave support. In fact, I have been assisting with the database & other activities helping the developer.

Developer communication here mainly happens by filing issues on GitHub. Only some developers participate in this user forum.

I was running on a PI 3B, but I am now on a windows machine. I have about 5-6 Ikea trådløs devices
and 2 HUE devices. also I have TELLDUS Tellstick ZDnet lite , where I have 10 switches
Thanks for the welcome

OpenHAB on windows has its own set of unusual things too, The current versions of openHAB require Java 8 instead of the newer Java 11.

OpenHAB has a steep learning curve but is very flexible. When I first came to the forum here, I felt like I left a bunch of bickering children behind for an adult discussion forum.

Why did you stop running HA on the Pi 3B? That can be an excellent platform.

Welcome! I don’t have time for drama either!

A few suggestions to make your future life easier as you settle into the platform:

  1. Document things, (don’t just bookmark links) leave your future self some notes in a text document, or printed pages. ( I use my own Confluence/wiki style pages). It will pay off big time!

Regarding the hardware, I echo the above comments of asking why you left the pi for windows. I too am using a raspberrypi3b and it’s been solid device for 2.5-3 years (once i switched from SD cards to SSD hard drive) otherwise, backup and prepare for card failure in about 12-16 months.

I am also running pi-hole on this device for ad blocking on the network and am considering upgrading to the new RPi4 with 4GB ram since my ram usage is now >90% (but no ill effects).


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