Discord OpenHAB Technical Support

In the spirit of being open source and becoming frustrated on not being able to easily find the answers. I’ve made a Discord channel where, if you’d like, can get on and hopefully chat with someone live, or maybe find answers to some of your questions and issues.


Lets join :wink:

Just joined up to ask a question.

@rtlamb, I just came across this by chance now. As this is no official channel, may I ask you to rename this service to “Inofficial openHAB Technical Support” or something similar that makes it clear that this isn’t anything official by the project? Also note that the correct spelling is “openHAB” and not “OpenHAB”.

In general, I would encourage everyone to use our community forum here for questions and answers on any kind of issues. It helps to keep the wisdom at a single place and not not fragmenting the community into many smaller sub-groups that each use different tools and end up asking and answering the same questions over and over again.

For the ones who really want a chat tool instead of the forum here, the official tool is Gitter, see https://gitter.im/openhab.

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