Display a a raw icon item in oh-image

Hi, i am a newbyie in OH.

Using openhabien with oh 3 on a raspberry 4.
Works for the most fine.

I use a weather widget that i have modified. The only Thing that dosen’t work is to include a image item in oh-image. The weathercompany bindig return a weather icon as a image. In the channel i can see it.

Code snippet

- component: oh-image
                          item: "=((!props.itemPrefix2) ? '' : props.itemPrefix2) + 'ForecastDay0Day_IconImage'"
                            width: 100

The channel info:
Icon Image
raw type (image/png): 1840 bytes
Image · Point

Thanks Hajo

That should be the correct configuration for the oh-image. The syntax on your expression appears to be correct although you can also simplify it to this:

=(props.itemPrefix2 || '') + 'ForecastDay0Day_IconImage'

So the only place the problem can be is with your props.itemPrefix2 value. Are you sure that your property is set correctly? I suggest you quickly add a test Label to the widget to make sure that the result of your expression actually equals 'Weather_Company_Forecast_ForecastDay0Day_IconImage`.

- component: Label
    text: "=((!props.itemPrefix2) ? '' : props.itemPrefix2) + 'ForecastDay0Day_IconImage'"

Thanks, for simplify and the label trick.
The prefix was correct, but in the widget editor the image not displayed.
I have opened a second tab on the browser and the image appear.
Sometimes the screenview of the widget view leaks…