Display humidity as %

The humidity of my thermostats are displayed in OH 3.3 either as integer like 50 oder decimal like 0.44.
I would like it to be displayed as 50% or 44%.
How can I configure it to be shown this way?

I think it will depend from where your getting the data.
Mqtt does not send units, so you’d need to edit either the item metadata or the mqtt channel itself iirc.
If you’re using a binding from a particular vendor, it would help if you shared which vendor it is, because each binding, and each vendor, is a different situation.

My first reaction whenever I face something like that is „throwing a Metadata/State Description
%.0f %“ at it. Unless that is something not ideal to do…?

Thank you for the help.
The data comes from a homematic thing.
The state description %d %% worked for me

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