Display Item State in Grafana without persisting it

Hi all,
I’m looking for a way to display information from items in a Grafana dashboard without storing them in a persistent storage service (e.g. InfluxDB).
For example, I’d like to create a panel just displaying the time when today’s dusk will begin. The information is available from the Astro binding.

In my setup there’s no use in persisting this information as I will not ever be using it again - it’s a realtime information that will have lost all of it’s meaning this evening when it’s dark.

I know that I could simply persist it and read it back in Grafana, but do I really have to? Or can I access the item state through OpenHab’s API or something and display it directly?

I’m pretty new to this stuff as you may have already noticed, so any pointer in the right direction will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

AFAIK yes, you have to persist the information. Of course there may be a (complex) way to get the information via REST API. But I don‘t know a way to display this data in Grafana. Maybe someone in the grafana forum has tips?