Display last 10 motions times


i have a Fibaro motion sensor.

at each motion, it updates a date item. InfluxDb is enabled for this item.

Two questions:

How could i fetch from the rule this information for last 10 motions ?

How Could i display it in a sitemap the log of the last 10 motions?

You would have to keep track of them yourself. There is no way to get more than one result from the DB in Rules.

You would need 10 Items and ten entries on your sitemap.

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Or you could keep an array list and rotate the datetime data in it and have a rule parsing it to a string item. The formatting in the sitemap will be a headache though.

This is the crux of the problem. We can’t use multi-line text on the sitemap. So if the user had a wide screen they could maybe fit in three date times, but I don’t see how ten would ever fit.

I’m using a grafana table as a workaround:


thanks but seems to be complex

Thanks as usual : a clear explanation

Really interesting but can you access to it in LAN and from mobile? (without VPN)

Please take a look at

maybe this will help.

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