Display Live Nest Cam Video

Could somebody give me a hint how to setup the definition in the sitemap to have a live video from my nest cam.
I have registered the API and have cameras online. Item is setup too.
If some one can paste a sample of item and sitemap definition would be great.

I don’t know if this is possible. The only way I know of to put a video feed on your sitemap is to use the Video element and the URL of the MPEG or other supported video stream. I don’t know if Nest provides such a feed.

Nest help

Looking at the help file above it should be possible

I haven’t got a nest camera to try this but it should work if you setup the link, then use that link in openHAB with the video element!

Has anyone been successful in getting a live video feed with a nest cam in OpenHAB?

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Is there any news about this?
I have added the Nest Binding and go a WEB URL.
In the browser this web url works but if I add it as “Webview” to my sitemap I don’t see anything.

I’ve not done it yet but what you need to do is look at the source of the page at the web url to find the url for the actual video stream. The video stream is embedded in that. I find a YouTube video that takes about it but can’t look for it again right now.