Displaying numerical value of slider

Hi, I am trying to set up a dimming function for the room of our son on Openhab2. The sitemap should feature e.g. a slider to set the target brightness, a slider to set the dimming time and a button that starts the dimming.
A common use will be to dim to minimum brightness (1 of 100), commonly on the Openhab Android app. Both with the app and Basic UI, it is already pretty difficult to hit 1 (instead of 2 or 3, which is twice or thrice as bright). In addition the value is not shown. So my question is:
How do I at least show the value that is set?

  • A [%d] in the label of the slider does not show up.
  • A second representation of the item as Text does not update with the slider but requires a page reload.

Of course, I also appreciate alternate approaches.

Ok, update: I tried to change the Slider widget to Setpoint, which seems to be more appropriate and does support a value in the label. Unfortunately, this still does not update in the BasicUI, whileit does work in the app.
Time for a bug report or any ideas?


I have similar problem showing values of a slider in the sitemap. The value is shown when I open the sitemap in a browser via BasicUI. But when using the iOS app, the value is not shown. Any thoughts?

Syntax used (all sliders are the same):
Dimmer ZuilDimmer “ZUIL DIMMER” {knx=“12/4/1+<12/4/2,12/4/3,12/4/4+<12/4/5”}

Slider item=ZuilDimmer label=“ZUIL DIMMER [%d %%]”

any thoughts?

Screenshots of both views: