displayState == undefined, similar items, same brand of devices, different behavior

Dear all,

I get displayState for several items as “undefined” although it seems to me they are well defined in state descriptions %.2f

Some items reflect the good displayState, other not.
All these Items are linked to FIBAROreporting channels, dimmers or plugs.

So this seems not linked to the brand of zwave product, nor the type of device.

Same definition, different behavior.

Searched already this topic. Did find similar issues on these forums, but solution was supposed to be in the syntax of the pattern.

Here I am using the same syntax on identical products from the same brand.
Different behaviour as result.

Any idea ?


I think what other users have noticed is that you only get displayState if it is different from raw state.

So Item state 3.02, format %.2f, no displayState
So Item state 3.0, format %.2f, displayState 3.00

EDIT - yes, here we go -

I think its bonkers. There is a workaround earlier in that thread.


Thanks for the tip.

So we have to test if displayState is undefined and then choose between state and display state…

Looks a bit overkill.

How can I format directly in YAML the presentation of the item to avoid the test ?
Looks bad design

Any idea ?


Did you look in the other thread? I don’t know how else you can deal with it.