DIY Door phone project

Hi everbody,

After a year of lurking i’m finally getting started with openHAB on openHABian. In short; long time listener, first time caller. :blush:

In my planning I got to look at my door telephone, and wondered if I could replace it with a raspberry pi with a touchscreen in a classy touchscreen/pi case, running a functional HABmin interface.

This would make it possible to get announcements over TTS when someone is at the door, unlock the apartment door automatically when i’m unlocking the outside door, making the apartments other functionality accessible to guests etc.

The current door phone is a aging Siedle model connected to the outside door in the apartment complex and the doorbell to my apartment. When a button is pressed from the outside I can unlock the outside door and have a intercom function.

I’m unsure about how to get the door phone functionality running.
Is it a matter of connecting the right wires to the Pi’s GPIO´s pins, or might it be more complicated then that? What are peoples experiences with door phones?

Maybe you should google for DoorPi Project and what exists around that project.

Thanks, the DoorPi surly take this to a new level, seems like a great place to start.

So far I was able to find out that my existing door phone is a analog Siedle HTA 711 (from 1997) running on a 6+n-system.

Keep me / us informed on your progress. Doorbell integration (1980 Siedle) is something also on my todo list.


Will do :slight_smile: However time is in short supply at the moment, so i’m stille in a idea planing mode.

Here are some overall things i might need to figure out to make it work;

  1. How is the 6+n system wired.
  2. (if possible) How do I power the pi+display through the existing wires (in the 6+n system).
  3. How do I connect the two doorbells and the unlock function to the pi’s GPIO pins.
  4. Can I just connect the microphone/speaker function to a USB soundcard.
  5. How do I integrate these function with openhab.

This might seem a bit basic, however I don’t have any experience working with electrical circuits :sweat_smile:

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

So I was looking into the wiring issue.

I found a manual, Figure 4 on page 3 has a block diagram.

Some sort of power is involved, however I’m not able to tell if its only to the doorbell or everything else as well. (page 8)