DIY motorizing vertical blinds?

Hello guys…
I was wondering if anyone has trying to modify their manual vertical blinds by adding motors?

Yes - what’s your question?

How did you manage to get the “pulling wires” through the motors - did you do your own gears or? Also what about the limit switches, which controller/motor did you use? :slight_smile:
I need a motor for pulling the curtains, and also one for tilting the blinds :slight_smile:

Try to get something like this… (providing your blind tubes will allow it)…

Motolux 4 wire

Or as another alternative, FWIW I am using the RF version together with the RFXtrx433E transceiver and using the RFXCOM binding.

Motolux RF

p.s. I have no relationship with Motolux or RFXCOM. There are many other options!

Yes okay, that motor is for “traditional” roller shutters… Mine is lames hanging from the top bar, can glide from side to side and also tilt…
Like this…

How about…

Curtain Track

But I can’t see a tilt option, sorry.

Just noticed I misread your post is about vertical blinds and not common horizontal ones. Sorry, no idea how to do it there. Possibly this is not the right forum to ask because you need the idea for a mechanical solution first.

Yes i know - but maybe someone has done the mechanical part also and could give some good advices… :slight_smile:

Just stumbled across this, I have no experiences but sounds like it can do what you’re looking for.