DIY mount for fire tablets

Here’s a simple way to mount an Amazon fire 7 tablet.

I wanted to mount two tablets, one directly over a light switch that the tablet replaced and a second above a light switch I still wanted to use:


The solution was to use old credit cards.

I bent the cards using a heat gun. I placed the cards in my vice.

And then shielded them with a trowel while I applied heat from a heat gun. And bent at the area I heated.

Then applied a little paint

Then slide under the light switch cover plate or screw to it

or attach to the wall

Note that I needed to partially unscrew the cover plate to slide in the credit card.

Another useful tip: to keep the tablet from going to sleep:

  1. Go to the SETTINGS area
  2. Click on DEVICE OPTIONS
  3. Triple-tap the SERIAL NUMBER option, towards the bottom of the screen. Keep tapping!
  4. The DEVELOPER OPTIONS will now be accessible.
  5. Find the option labeled STAY AWAKE. Click on it to ENABLE.

Once configured, the tablet will never go to “Sleep” while charging!

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