Dlink dch g020 and z110, z120 sensors, z510 siren

hi, im sorry if i didnt post this topic in the right category or if my english is too bad.
i just bought the above configuration and i have this main problem:
g020 hub is node 1, and manually i have bound on it z120 as node 2, z510 siren as node 3 and z110 door sensor as node 6 (i dont know how that happened, i expected it to get node 4)
so when i go on my browser to the web page of zwave , i see everything bind nice, when i go to my mobile app of dlink to put them in … action, i see the hub, but nothing around it. how can i make them appear on the dlink app ?
thank you very much

To get support on a DLINK app you better post in a DLINK forum, you might get faster - or any - answers.
Good luck.