DLink DSP-W320 outdoor plug

Got a good deal on these plugs but realized that the openhab mydlink binding doesn’t work for plugs. I don’t mind writing a binding and I found a reasonable amount of documentation on the W215 plug but I’m a bit puzzled…

  • nmap doesn’t find a single open port on the IP of the plug
  • I ran network capture from the android app and there is no data sent/received to the plug when you actually toggle the on/off switch
  • Did not have any luck running some of the tuya convert stuff

All the previous docs refer to a protocol that talks directly to the plug but thinking this might have changed. Does this possibly mean that the app pairs the plug with Dlink servers and the plug only opens connection to their cloud?

I also would be interested to know how they communicate, and also am in need of a binding, but lack the expertise to write one.

I ended up returning them to buy TPLink plugs that I was able to flash with Tasmota. Problem with the DLink plugs, is that they connect to the DLink servers in the cloud and the communication doesn’t go through your local network, so basically your openhab cannot talk to them. I ended up analyzing the traffic from the DLink mobile app and it never talks to the plugs.

Doesn’t make me horribly comfortable that the plug relies on a cloud server instead of the local net…

Agree, thanks for the info