DMX Binding OH3: Fading command in a textual rule


I predefined all my DMX channels in a *.things and *.items file.
Now I want to use these defintions in rules. I found many examples which always have the structure like the following:

dmxActions.sendFade("0:27/1","2000:255:-1", false)

where “0” is my ArtNet universe and “27” is the channel I want to fade.

If I use the command “dmxActions.sendFade(“0:27/1”,“2000:255:-1”, false)” within my rule it works fine, so my initial setup is correct.

Now in my “DMX.things” file I definded:

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:ArtNet_Bridge [address="", universe=0] {
dimmer Wohnstube_ind_Bel_ww "Wohnstube ind. Bel. warmweiß" [dmxid="27", fadetime=0, dimtime=150, turnonvalue="255", turnoffvalue="0" ]

and in my file “Wohnstube.items” I wrote:

Dimmer Wohnstube_LED_ww "Wohnstube warmweiß" { channel="dmx:dimmer:ArtNet_Bridge:Wohnstube_ind_Bel_ww:brightness" }

But is there a possibility to substitue the explicit channel definition with the friendly name of the channel because it is already defined in the *.things file?
Like “dmxActions.sendFade(Wohnstube_ind_Bel_ww,“2000:255:-1”, false)”.

How can I use the former DMX channel definition within a rule?

In *.things file I want to have an overview of all channels where I only need to change one channel definition in case of maintenance. If every rule needs to have the direct channel definition it will be a lot of effort.

Thanks a lot!

You can only do with the binding provided Action dmxActions() what the binding author lets you do.
This points to the bridge, not a channel.
So far as I can see it is designed to give you raw no-frills access.