DMX Binding-working but How to do with OH... Fire effect on a 24 ch LED RGB wall washer

Hello - I want to create a “fire effect” using a 1m DMX LED Washer with 24 LED, 24 ch- so 8 groups of 3 individually controllable LED with Red, Green, Blue.

I have successfully set up the DMX binding on my OH 2.5 using a sACN Bridge to OLA which running on another Raspi Pi3b connected to a DMX 24 LED, 24 ch wall washer. So every LED has 3 internal LEDS (red,green, blue) and they can be controlled in groups of 3. Example: I can set first 3 LED with Channel 1 (red ) to 255, channel 2 (green) to 68 and cannel 3 (blue) to 0. this will give me a bright orange light on the first 3 LED- and I can do the same for channels 4-6 for the next three and so on.

The DMX example works well from sitemap- I can control the WallWasher from OH :slight_smile:

Now the part where I don’t know how to do this:

What I want to to is, to randomly assign to each set of 3 LEDS I can control let’s say 5-6 different orange/yellow/red colors ( which is a Ratio of red to green to blue) with different random brightness ( not quite random, the reds should stay less bright, the yellows should be in a brighter range - and flickering just like in a real fire.

Of course - it should move in a certain speed so frames should be updated quite frequently and the “flame flicker” should by somewhat random.

Right now, I don’t know how to go about this.
Any idea how to get this achieved?

I would like to avoid another software if I can.

Thanks for your suggestions