DMX Command Configuration

Hi Openhabbers

I have a question abount the dmx command configuration:

the wiki says

“Using the command configuration, you can override behavior of the
default openHAB commands for the DMX devices. The command configuration
has the following generic structure:”


“Openhab command to override, e.g. ON, OFF, INCREASE, DECREASE, …”

So if i have a Rollershutter item, its commands are UP,DOWN and STOP.

Then the following should be working ( aparently it isn’t)

Rollershutter Storen_OG2_Ost “Hof” (OG2,Storen) { dmx=“CHANNEL[100,101,102], DOWN[FADE|0:0,0,255:500|0:0,0,0:-1], UP[FADE|0:255,0,0:500|0:0,0,0:-1], STOP[FADE|0:0,255,0:500|0:0,0,0:-1]” }

Any idea on this?