DMX shutting off after 30 sec

I am using an Elation EZ KLING with ArtNet adapter with OpenHab 1.8.3. Everything is working correctly except if I stop sending ArtNet commands everything goes dark. If I update any one of my 5 channels the other 4 go back to their last state. My guess is it is some issue with EZ KLING and OpenHab, but I am not sure. Wireshark does not show any commands leaving OpenHab on port 6454 when things go dark.

Color Pool_Light_A “Pool Lights Segment A” (Pool) {dmx=“CHANNEL[1,2,3:100]”}
Color Pool_Light_B “Pool Lights Segment B” (Pool) {dmx=“CHANNEL[4,5,6:100]”}
Color Pool_Light_C “Pool Lights Segment C” (Pool) {dmx=“CHANNEL[7,8,9:100]”}
Color Pool_Light_D “Pool Lights Segment D” (Pool) {dmx=“CHANNEL[10,11,12:100]”}
Color Pool_Light_E “Pool Lights Segment E” (Pool) {dmx=“CHANNEL[13,14,15:100]”}

I do not experience the issues.
DMX runs very smooth for me.

Should DMX send updates very so often? I thought that was what the :xxx was for after channel, but in Wireshark I am only seeing output when DMX updates.

It should only update, when you change a value.
There is no needed refresh interval.
Can you unhook your artnet gateway after you turned the devices on?

I would have bet money that if I unplugged DMX that it would have gone out since I never see any commands going out before they turn off with OpenHab, but they stay up just fine.

It’s got to be the ArtNet adapter.

Yep - is there any form of configuration or something else?
Maybe you have some different device/software running which still sends commands.