Do Fibaro dimmers have dynamic ramp times?

Hello community.

I play with the idea to extend my houseautomation with some z-Wave devices. Currently I mainly use Homematic devices.With these Homematic dimmers I can set a RAMP_TIME before I send the LEVEL I would like to dim.
This is very nice in light scenes where turning a dimmer on or changing its level is done with a smaller ramp time that turning them off.

Now I think about buying the Fibaro RGBW dimmer FIB_FGRGB-101 but until now zwave is a bit more confusing for me :smirk: and it is not totally clear to this devices can do the same.

I can see that there are parameters configurable for the device, but this would not be dynamically selectable but fix for each change of the dimm level.

There is a possibility to dynamically change the parameters as described in the wiki under “CONFIGURATION”.
This normally should work, even though this does not seem to be the normal use case.

Normally I use the Artnet DMX-Binding for fades. DMX-Dimming hardware is fairly cheap and complex fades are no problem. Check ulrichradig for some cheap Ethernet to DMX bridges (Art Net Box ~50€). A typical 4-channel-dimmer should be <30€. So if you only plan to do some lighting this could be an alternative for you.

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In theory, you can change these in a rule since it is possible to bind configuration parameters to an item. I tested this when I implemented it, and it does work, but I know some people have had problems getting it to work…

Something like "3:command=configuration,parameter=9" should work…

It’s in the wiki :smile:

Yes. this is exactly the solution I did found.

I change parameter 11 via a rule (the item looks like the one mention by chris but using parameter 11) before I send a command to the item representing the dimmer level.


@chris is this possible in OH2?

Unfortunately ESH doesn’t have the ability to change configuration via a rule, but the ZWave binding can configure channels to change config parameters. There needs to be a channel configured for this in the database…

In the database for the device, you’d need to add a channel of type config_decimal under the CONFIGURATION command class, and then in the options put parameter=11.